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Post time: 23.07.2021
Post time: 23.07.2021
Post time: 23.07.2021
Terms uf use
Terms of use of website (forum, registration, ...)
The official language on the forum is slovenian language.
On forum is not allowed insulting, intolerance and racism. Be tolerant of each other.
It is forbidden hosting adult content.
Posting about personal data of others is not allowed.
On forum is not allowed discussions on illegal matters (illegal sale matters, links to the websites with illegal content). Posting torrents with illegal content is also prohibited. Inappropriate content (topics and messages) will be deleted without hesitation of moderators.
Before creating a new topic, check to see if there already exists a similar topic.
The forum and moderators do not take any responsibility for any damages or problems that might have been committed or caused by the use of its services such as the unavailability of the page, disorders in accessing pages, viruses, errors in the information and documents provided by the forum. Each user is responsible for his actions and messages.
If you have any questions, please send a private message to the administrator or a moderator.
Users who wish to participate on the forums, must specify their username, password and email address. Forum administrators and moderators who participate in them, are not liable to user privacy. All disclosed information provided in the use of forums become public information, so be careful when disclosing personal information. All users who come across any inappropriate uploaded content, please inform us by email or via the contact form. We reserve the right, that by our sole discretion and without explanation can remove or modify any data that you send on the forum if we feel that is inappropriate.
This website may contain links to other websites and files. Since we have no control over their content, we are not be liable if it is offensive or inappropriate. As soon as we found that the content of any website or file is inappropriate, we will remove the links to them.
By ticking 'I agree to the Terms of Use and the rules of behavior on the website.' and press the button 'Registration'you confirm that you accept responsibility for all data and files that you send on the forum. You also agree that you will not send copyrighted works for which you or the forum owners do not have copyright. You also undertake that on the forum you will not send explicit advertising messages and content that would be vulgar, hateful, threatening, in violation of the law, violate the privacy of others or implying sexuality.
To participate in the forum, you must have your browser cookies included (cookies), which is acting as carriers of your user name and password. They provide you an insight into the options and allow you to sign up. Users can change their information by signing up with a username and password and change the information in their profile.
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By uploading content, you confirm that you are responsible for uploading and excuse all liability and responsibility for your uploaded content. Page only host your uploaded content. By uploading content, you agree that it is without any copyright or trademark
All uploads must not contain:
- any copyrighted material
- any viruses or malware
- automatically translated content
- nudity
Portal deserves the right to delete any content that seemed unacceptable, and reserves the right to decide which content is acceptable. Any content that turns out to be copyright protected, will be deleted as soon as discovers it. Portal reserves the right to terminate any user account for repeated policy violations or for uploading copyright protected material.