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Post time: 12.10.2021
Post time: 12.10.2021
Post time: 12.10.2021
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Search found for subtitles on the portal has been improved. Now you can find subtitles more easily and accurately. To illustrate, we also add each subtitle an appropriate picture. If you want to search by language, it is necessary to select the appropriate flag. If you want to search for subtitles in all languages, you do not need to click on the flag. To assist in finding you can contact our forum, or send a request via our contact form located below in the footer.
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VIP users
On the portal you can become a VIP user with just a few clicks. You must log in first in order to apply for the VIP status via the form located on the left side of the menu. The advantages are that you can download subtitles directly from the list and post a signature of a limited length with an url link. VIP status will be changing during the year along with the portal. Users who have already had VIP status, must also re-apply for it.
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History of the portal: is a slovenian web portal with slovenian, croatian and english subtitles and a large database of movies, series and other fields of the film world. The website also owns a slovenian film base The portal was launched in July 2005, a major renovation has experienced in summer 2012, when he got a new look and some new features for user management page. In 2014 it got a new page with added Croatian and English subtitles. The portal contains a number of sections from news and articles to the forum where users can discuss subtitle...
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